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Scandium International Mining Corp. (SCY) is building a portfolio of technology-driven minerals projects.   Our projects are targeted to the needs of a more efficient and greener global transportation sector, along with other tech applications.  The term we have adopted to describe our development focus is Critical Metals Recovery. 

Critical Metals have been defined and redefined by governments and industry for many decades.  Today’s definition includes an expanding list, based largely on high demand technology products that are dependent on metals and raw materials in short supply.


Our Focus Is On Technology-Driven Markets.  Metals and technology are key enablers in the global movement towards decarbonization and electrification of transport.  The metals in this mix are often undersupplied for the potential market opportunity.  Lithium-ion battery technology is at the forefront of this evolution, and is itself rapidly evolving.  The opportunity for innovative and economic recovery of the minor metals that can play an integral role in this transition is where we see our future.  It is where we see attractive growth, and it is where we intend to deploy our capabilities.

It Starts With Mining……… SCY works at the front end of the technology product supply chain, using mining and resource expertise, minerals extraction expertise and a portfolio of specialty metals production design capabilities.

  • Our intent is to build and operate specialty metals projects, either alone or with partners, when partnerships speed or enhance those developments.
  • Our technology and know-how enables us to harvest select critical metals from existing mine operations, when those unrecovered metals are present.  These opportunities require a host mine, but they don’t require SCY to build mines.


SCY is advancing two projects, the Nyngan Scandium Project in NSW, Australia, and a critical metals recovery project (CMR), targeting high purity alumina (HPA) in Nevada, USA. 

CMR at Phoenix Mine is our first focus.  The CMR project shows a fast path to production, and is advantaged by an established partner in both development and anticipated operation.   

  • The CMR project is planned for development at the Phoenix gold and copper mine, owned and operated by Nevada Gold Mines*. 
  • A construction decision is estimated for Q1 2023, based on positive pilot results in 2022.
  • The planned product, HPA, is supported by an existing and growing market.

The Nyngan Scandium Project has not received the market validation to construct today.   The project is essentially shovel-ready’ for launch, but lacks the committed multi-year sales contracts required to support project financing.

  • SCY has developed an advanced understanding of where scandium can be used, both structurally as an aluminum alloy, and as a direct additive in technology applications. 
  • We will continue pursuit of scandium applications, particularly in technology products. 
  • The Company will pursue low volume scandium possibilities from CMR projects as well.

*NOTE:  Nevada Gold Mines is a joint venture between Barrick Gold Corporation (61.5%) and Newmont Corporation (38.5%).


George Putnam

Scandium International CEO
Scandium International has developed a patented process to bring High Purity Alumina in a repeatable process - December 2021
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George Putnam

Scandium International CEO
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